Luce Pottery Studio x Drool: Hunny Stash Jars

Britney, the talent behind  Luce Pottery Studio, is a mom of three who loves to create anything and everything! She lives on a small farm with her children in the town where she grew up in  Saskatchewan, Canada.  What was your journey to your craft? I Graduated from SIAST in 2011 as a Dental assistant. After assisting for about a year I craved the need to work with my hands more and being creative.. I then transferred into working into the dental lab. Building dentures, crowns, retainers and so much more. On my 3rd maternity leave i took a pottery class and it...

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Lyt Studio x Drool: Lovely Ashtrays

3D printed, handmade and wheel thrown ceramic designs that are made with artistry, presence and thoughtfulness; a philosophy that permeates the spaces they occupy for mindful living. From functional homeware to sculptural collectables, each carries a novel story of the day spun. Lili is a journeying free-spirit and shows up to the wheel in lightness - her preferred state to create. She believes that true artistry originates from a space within - one that must be carved out. An extension of the maker, the clean and minimal lines of LYT’s works carry airiness and aspiration into your space. Let the...

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