Luce Pottery Studio x Drool: Hunny Stash Jars

Britney, the talent behind  Luce Pottery Studio, is a mom of three who loves to create anything and everything! She lives on a small farm with her children in the town where she grew up in  Saskatchewan, Canada

What was your journey to your craft?
I Graduated from SIAST in 2011 as a Dental assistant. After assisting for about a year I craved the need to work with my hands more and being creative.. I then transferred into working into the dental lab. Building dentures, crowns, retainers and so much more. On my 3rd maternity leave i took a pottery class and it was love at first sight! I quit my job, turned an old garage we had on the farm into a pottery studio and Luce Pottery was born!

What makes you drool?
Creating! When I get an idea I obsess about it until it's physically in front of me. 

Why is this craft important to you?
It's unique, handmade, not manufactured like so many other things in this world. 

Favourite food?

Beatniks, its a Ukrainian dish. 

Joint, pipe, bong or pass? 


What sparks you up?

Heading down to the lake on a Friday evening.

Sativa or Indica?


If you weren't a maker what would you be doing?

If i gave up pottery tomorrow i would be doing interior design.

Check out Luce Pottery Studios website & instagram!

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