Lyt Studio x Drool: Lovely Ashtrays

3D printed, handmade and wheel thrown ceramic designs that are made with artistry, presence and thoughtfulness; a philosophy that permeates the spaces they occupy for mindful living.

From functional homeware to sculptural collectables, each carries a novel story of the day spun. Lili is a journeying free-spirit and shows up to the wheel in lightness - her preferred state to create. She believes that true artistry originates from a space within - one that must be carved out. An extension of the maker, the clean and minimal lines of LYT’s works carry airiness and aspiration into your space. Let the enlivening origin of each piece inspire moments of joy, a slower way of being, and reconnection to curiosity.

What was your journey to your craft?
I have always considered myself an artist, and found purpose in 3D printing, inspired by what can be done for housing necessities. Clay as a craft and 3D printing technology gave me autonomy to design a lifestyle to bridge the gap between my studies in Fine Art & Architecture.

What makes you drool?
Nature, beautiful things, beautiful things in nature.

Why is this craft important to you?
Working with my hands is where I meditate and ground

Favourite food?

Summer: poke, Winter: fondu

Joint, pipe, bong or pass? 


What sparks you up?


Sativa or Indica?


If you weren't a maker what would you be doing?


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