Stranger Studio x Drool: Buttercup Bongs

Molly at Stranger Studios has always been on our radar, you can find her many beautiful ceramics at local shops across Toronto, each of her unique designs always made our hearts go “wah so cute”. We wanted to bring that same energy to the first Drool drop and boy did she deliver. Molly’s a bubbly everyday mom hero.

What was the journey to your craft?
I went to school for Industrial Design with hopes of being a furniture designer, but took a ceramics class and fell in love! I always worked in the restaurant industry and knew some people opening a new spot and they wanted me to make plates for them. That is when I started to consider doing ceramics as a career.

What makes you drool?
Having my mouth open too long and like most kinds of food.

Why is this craft important to you?
So many reasons! The ability to do it from the middle of nowhere, to share my funky ideas, to make useful things from actual mud, the therapy and joy of creating with your hands. 

Favourite food?
Peanut butter

Joint, pipe, bong or pass? 

What sparks you up?
Jumping into cold bodies of water. 

If you weren't a maker what would you be doing?
I would like to deliver the mail or to be the person who comes up with names for paint colors.

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